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SecondHand Smoking-How to Protect Yourself

Well there is no doubt that smoking or chewing Tobacco causes respiratory problems, heart diseases and different types of cancer ( including Lung and Mouth Cancer).
But sometime there are certain cases when people who actually never smoked are also suffered from above diseases. Doctors have explained that they suffered not because of direct smoking but because of passive smoking which is also known as Second Hand Smoking. 
Today, Let us understand about Second Hand Smoke and How we can protect ourselves as well as our loved one's from it.

SecondHand Smoking is First Hand Death.

What is Second Hand Smoke?

Second Hand Smoke is a combination of smoke from a cigarette and smoke breathed out by a smoker. When a non smoker is around someone who is smoking, they breathe in the second hand smoke.

Is it harmful to inhale second hand smoke?

Yes, it is. Even a small amount of second hand smoke is harmful for your body. As this second hand smoke consist of smoke released by cigarette, so if you breath it in then definitely you are smoking indirectly. It contain over 7,000 harmful chemicals and atleast 250 of which have capacity to damage your health.
Here you must note that these particles stay in the air for several hours after somebody smokes.

What are the main diseases it may cause?

If you are working or living in an atmosphere where you have to deal daily with second hand smoke then you are prone to the following diseases:
1.)Cancer-Especially Lung Cancer is most common in second hand smokers.
2.)Heart Diseases-Breathing Second Hand Smoke make it more likely that you will get heart diseases.
3.)Breathing Problems-Like shortness of Breath, wheezing and coughing etc.

Note: second Hand smoking is much more fatal for Babies, Children and women who are pregnant.

How can I protect my loved one's from Second Hand Smoke?

If You are smoking, then the best way to protect your loved one's from second hand smoke is to quit smoking right now. If you can't then atleast try to keep your House and Car Smoke Free place for your loved one's.
Always remember that If you are not smoking infront of your children , it means you are reducing the chances of your child to become a smoker.

Here are some more steps to protect your loved one's from Second Hand Smoke:
1.)Ask people not to smoke in Your Home.
2.)Choose Smoke Free restaurants.
3.)Avoid indoor public places that allow smoking.
4.)Teach your children to keep themselves away from second hand smoke.

We believe that in Today's time, If You are a non-smoker then its very good but it is not everything. You also have to protect yourself from Second Hand Smoke. These are the tips that we would like to share with all of you. If You also have some tips to keep ourself away from Second Hand smoke the do share with us in comments.
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